Californian White Sage – Small


  • Californian White Sage (Salvia Apiana)
  • Small 11cm or there abouts

House Cleansing:

Start at front door, light sage and allow to burn (flame) for a short time until it is burning reasonably well, then put out the flame by waving through the air fast or blowing out and you will then have a smoldering smudge stick.  Ask great spirits to help you shift the energies, say your own prayer if you wish. Move in a straight line to each corner, working in a clockwise direction around the house,lift up the smoke at every corner.  Sage in cupboards and dark places as you go, until you end up back at the front door. Sage the entrance of the door with door open to allow negative energies to escape. Put sage on doorstep allow to burn for a couple of minutes and then you can put out if you wish to reuse the smudge stick in the future.

Carry your smudge bowl with you to catch embers