The exhibitionist story

Exhibitionist is a family run business that developed from humble roots. After spending time in villages across Indonesia, we became inspired by the way local families were able to create such wonderful pieces using only the natural resources around them. We knew it was something we wanted to share with New Zealand.

Our first Grey Lynn store opened in 1997 where we introduced a collection of hand crafted furniture, interiors, jewellery, fashion and exotic gifts.

In the early 2000’s we decided to make the big move into Lynn Mall Shopping Center where we began building our brand and establishing a loyal following far and wide.

In 2017 due to growing popularity and the need for a bigger space, we moved to our new destination store at 17 Veronica Street, New Lynn. Our gallery style layout provides the same exhibitionist experience we are known for while continuing to provide room to grow.

We believe in fair trade practices, ensuring our artists are paid fairly which enables all parties to benefit and develop further. We have spent 20 years building relationships with our village artisans and their families developing close bonds that span across generations.

As a company Exhibitionist stands for sustainability, fair trade, quality, affordability, equality among peoples of all cultures and walks of life and providing a customer service experience that ensures our customers leave with a smile.